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Worst Cleaners: EWG’s List Of Most Harmful Cleaning Products For Your Home

The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization focused on environment and public health, recently came out with their Cleaners Hall of Shame list. With products containing carcinogens, asthma instigators, and poisons, some sparkly cleaners might come at a high price.

According to the press release:

Just 7 percent of cleaning products adequately disclosed their contents. To uncover what’s in common household cleaners, EWG’s staff scientists spent 14 months scouring product labels and digging through company websites and technical documents. EWG staff reviewed each ingredient against 15 U.S. and international toxicity databases and numerous scientific and medical journals.

According to the EWG study, 53 percent of cleaning products under review contained lung-harming ingredients. In addition, well-known carcinogens like formaldehyde and chloroform were found in several cleaners.

However, EWG does suggest some cleaners that are better for your health and the environment, such as Green Shield Organic and Whole Foods’ Green Mission brand. Don’t be fooled by “green” labels though, since other eco-friendly products can be misleading with their claims.

In an effort to minimize the negative effects of some chemical cleaners, common household items can often be great substitutes, Real Simple Magazine suggests. Lemon, cooking oil, vinegar and baking soda are just a few multipurpose cleaning items you may find in your closet.

If you opt to use store-bought cleaners, know your products. Below is a portion of EWG’s list of cleaners that found a place in the Cleaners Hall of Shame. Some products are potentially fatal if inhaled or swallowed, some are reportedly made with knowingly high-hazard ingredients, and others utilize materials that have actually been banned in other countries. source:

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Rochester Michigan House Cleaners

Rochester Michigan House Cleaners

Rochester Michigan House Cleaners – Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning (248) 961-2063

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10 Cleaning Myths You Need to Stop Believing—and What to Do Instead

Grandma might have been on the right track with her meatball recipe and love advice, but, boy, was she off base with these cleaning tips. Here’s what you need to stop doing ASAP if you want your home to get really clean.

Bleach is Best

Sorry to burst your cleaning bubble: Though most people associate the smell of bleach with clean, this cleaning myth just isn’t the case. In fact, bleach doesn’t really even clean at all. It disinfects, kills germs, and can whiten stains, but it doesn’t clean dirt and grime from surfaces. So if you’re looking to whiten your shirt or rinse away bacteria from that raw chicken in your sink, then bleach is your way to go. However, if you’re trying to remove the grit from your bathtub, you’ll need an actual cleaning product, preferably something with some texture, like baking soda. Bleach definitely has its benefits.

Newspaper will give you streak-free glass

You’ve probably seen your grandparents use newspaper to clean mirrors and glass and wondered if what if this cleaning myth actually works. Well, yes, and no. Yes, because newspaper at one time was made of out papers and ink that did indeed leave mirrors and glasses streak-free. Sadly, newspaper today is made out of completely different materials than way back then that actually leave streaks on your mirrors. Trying using rubbing alcohol or a glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth.

Feather dusters dust

Sure, they’re soft and fluffy, but contrary to their name, feather dusters, don’t really do much of dusting. More often than not, they just spread the dust around. Instead, reach for a vacuum with a nozzle attachment or a soft damped cloth when trying to get rid of dust. More than 90 percent of household dust comes from tiny flakes of skin and barely visible fabric fibers that float on the slightest air current and settle on every surface in your house.

Fragrant scents = clean

might think that if something that smells fresh and good, it’s clean, but don’t let your nose fall for this cleaning myth. Just because a product is labeled as “fresh laundry” or “clean spring air” doesn’t mean that it actually removes dirt and germs. While those air freshener sprays do smell wonderful, they don’t do a thing when it comes to actually removing dirt, stains, and germs. In fact, they don’t really even freshen a room, more so just make it smell a bit better for the time being. If you want something to truly be clean, you have to do the dirty work.

Polish wood weekly

While gleaming floors and furniture are coveted, you should, in fact, polish them sparingly. In fact, most wooden furniture sold on the market today doesn’t need to be polished at all. Applying too much polish and/or wax will lead to build up and actually make your furniture appear more dull. If you notice dust or other debris, regular water on a cloth will do the trick. Hardwood floors are more complicated to keep intact than you may have thought. Use these tips to keep them looking polished and new for years.

Lemon peels deodorize the garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are one of the greatest inventions possibly ever known to mankind. They grind up all your discarded foods in tiny pieces, so you don’t have to fish them out of the sink, in addition to making the dish washing process ten times faster. They’re also better for the earth since they reduce food waste and prevent pipes from clogging. Your garbage disposal does so much for you, so make sure you’re taking care if it. From time to time you may notice a funky smell coming for your disposal, but lemon peels aren’t the answer. They actually clog your disposal and don’t do anything for the odor. To properly clean it and unclog your drain, mix half a cup of baking soda with one cup of white vinegar and pour it down the sink followed by boiling water. source:

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Rochester MI Professional Cleaner

Rochester MI Professional Cleaner – Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning (248) 961-2063

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Why is Hiring a Professional Cleaner the Right Move for Many Homeowners?

Rochester MI Professional Cleaner

Hiring a cleaner used to be a luxury. These days that is no longer the case. Now, with most adults working outside of their homes, spending your limited free time cleaning and vacuuming might not be the best option for you. There are many reasons hiring a cleaning pro may be the best choice in your situation. Here are four reasons paying a professional cleaner may be the right move for your home:

1. A professional cleaner will do a better job than you. It is true, cleaning well is a skill just like any other. It takes a lot of time to master. Most homeowners just don’t have the skill level to keep their homes spotless. On the other hand, someone who cleans for a living knows all the tricks of the trade and will get your house much cleaner than you ever could on your own.

2. Cleaners bring their own supplies. When you hire a cleaner, you don’t have to worry about buying and storing a bunch of bulky cleaning supplies. Many homeowners insist on the use of non-allergenic or environmentally friendly cleaning products. If these things matter to you, ask any potential cleaners about the products they prefer to use before hiring them.

Routine cleaning prevents wear and tear. Tasks like vacuuming rugs, dusting lamps and scrubbing bathroom tiles not only makes your home look better, but it can save you money too. When you maintain your home the right way, your furnishings are less likely to need repairing or replacing.

3. Routine cleaning prevents wear and tear. Tasks like vacuuming rugs, dusting lamps and scrubbing bathroom tiles not only makes your home look better, but it can save you money too. When you maintain your home the right way, your furnishings are less likely to need repairing or replacing.

4. You can’t do everything. Your life is already hectic enough, and you shouldn’t feel you have to do it all by yourself. Many people feel guilty when they spend money on a cleaning service. In reality, when homeowners insist on cleaning their homes, they’re using their valuable time to do something which is unprofitable and unpleasant. Hiring a professional cleaner does not differ from ordering delivery for dinner or having someone mow your grass. source:

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Rochester MI Professional Cleaning Services

Rochester MI Professional Cleaning Services –  Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning (248) 961-2063

If you are in need of a trusted Rochester MI Professional Cleaning Services, contact Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning at (248) 961-2063 for a free estimate. Click here to learn more about us. 

5 reasons why you need to hire professional cleaning services

Rochester MI Professional Cleaning Service

Cleanliness is something that is very important to many of us, but not all of us like to clean. We love it when our homes and office space are clean and organized. But it is not possible for all of us to dedicate the time required to cleaning. If you are one such person, hiring a professional cleaning service provider is the best solution for you.


Keeping the office and home clean keeps sickness away. Especially in an office, where there are so many people clustered in a small space. Not everyone is organized and has good cleanliness etiquette. So, hiring professional cleaning services will help ensure that these issues do not cause unhygienic conditions in the office that lead to health problems for your employees. In short, cleanliness can lead to more productivity. It is also a good idea to hire professional cleaning services when you are moving into a new house, so you can rest assured that it is safe for you and your family to live in this house.

Experience and Expertise

Most companies that provide professional cleaning services have been in the business for many years. They also have the expertise and hence provide high level of cleaning standards. These companies use industrial grade cleaning equipment for all jobs, small or big.

Good impression

A clean and organized office is bound to leave a good impression on the visitors. When prospective clients or employees come to your office for a meeting, and if the office is clean and well organized, it makes them want to work with you. A clean environment reflects on your personality too.


Hiring professionals to clean your office means that you have people working for you, who know what they are doing. This helps get the job done much faster than doing it yourself. Also, many companies that provide professional cleaning services have annual contracts that they offer to their clients. These contracts are much cheaper than if you hire them on a when-needed basis. So, hiring professional cleaning services helps you save time and money.


Not only do these companies provide affordable cleaning services, they also provide a service package that is customized according to your specific needs. You can talk to them about your requirements and accordingly they will add or remove the items from their pre-designed package. Also, the staff that these companies hire is trained extensively. They are taught how to use all the cleaning equipment correctly and even fix minor issues in it. Also, they are taught about all chemicals that are used in cleaning and which chemicals can be used on which surfaces. source:

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Rochester MI House Cleaning Service

Rochester MI House Cleaning Service – Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning (248) 961-2063

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10 Common Cleaning Mistakes!

Rochester MI House Cleaning Service

1) Spraying Product Directly on a Surface

I completely understand why someone would do this; you are trying to clean something so spray it then wipe away the solution. However, this is not always the most effective or safest way to clean, especially electronics (more on that later). When you are cleaning with a product just spray a small amount onto a microfiber cloth then wipe the surface that needs cleaning and use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess liquid. For many surfaces, like stainless steel, glass and wood it is always best practice to use this method. It will use less cleaner, still get the job done, and ultimately save you time and money!

2) Not Cleaning Your Sponge

I want you stop and think for a minute about the things that your sponge has cleaned just this week. Now think back to the last time you cleaned that sponge. I bet it was a while ago if ever! Many of us forget that just like everything else in our kitchen our sponges need a good cleaning too or else they turn into a breeding ground for bacteria, become stinky and then spread their stink and germs onto whatever you clean with it. Gross!! Luckily, cleaning your sponge is easy – you can throw it in the dishwasher then next time you run it, put it in some water in the microwave for a few minutes or even boil it. Just make sure you do this at least once a week if not more often and replace your sponge regularly.

3) Putting the Toilet Brush Back Right Away

Just like your sponge your toilet brush has a nasty job to do and picks up some not so pleasant germs on the way. But hey, someone has to do it so it might as well be that guy! So be nice to the brush that’s doing your dirty work and free him from becoming a playground for bacteria by giving him a good rinse in the clean toilet water and then leaving him to dry for at least 5 minutes before putting him away. And if you haven’t seen my handy trick for letting your toilet brush dry make sure you check out my toilet cleaning video.

4) Cleaning too Quickly

Yes, we all want to get our cleaning over and done with so we can go have some fun, but when you rush through your cleaning you are creating more work for yourself in the long run and this equates to more time spent cleaning. When we rush we miss spots, do things incorrectly and likely just move dirt around. So take your time. And if you are short on time pick one thing and do it really well then come back and do the same in another area and continue this cycle until all the cleaning is done.

5) Not Reading Directions

We’ve all been cleaning for a long time and we think we know how products work, but I bet if you read the labels of some of your everyday cleaners you’d be surprised to find that you are not using them as directed. A lot of time, money and research went into developing the products we clean with and in that process the developers found the best way to use said product and put those directions right there for you to use. Some cleaners need more time to work, some only work on certain surfaces, some will harm certain surfaces and so on and so forth. So to get the most out of your cleaners (and your money) and not ruin anything take a few minutes and read the directions!

6) Wash Windows on Sunny Day

I know you’ve heard me talk about cleaning windows before and have some our window cleaning video, so I am sure this comes as no surprise when I tell you not to clean your windows on a beautiful day. Now you may think this is counterintuitive since you want to be outside to clean your exterior windows and what better day to do it on then a nice sunny one? Well the problem, my friends, is that the sun heats up the windows rather quickly and you in turn get streaky windows, as the water and soap dries before you can properly squeegee them. So wait for a day that overcast and then on the next sunny day you can admire your beautiful work.

7) Cleaning side to side

I am sure you have heard me talk about this one before but I am going to be a broken record and repeat myself again – DO NOT clean side to side. When you do this all you are doing is moving the dirt from one side to the next and back again. When you clean in an “S” or “Z” motion you are moving the dirt away and end up with a way cleaner surface. Trust me on this one!

8) Thinking more is better

Just like reading the directions, we have to remember that our cleaners were created to get a job done and get it done well. Therefore, most of the time you do not need very much product to get the job done. You will also create more work for yourself if you saturate what you are cleaning with a product because you are the one who is going to have to remove it all. Add a little at a time and you will be surprised how well things work with just a bit.

9) Not emptying Vacuum

Are you ever vacuuming and you notice a weird smell? No it is not your gym shoes, it’s your vacuum. Ever find that your vacuum is just not picking up those crumbs? Well the answer to both these problems is probably pretty simple – your vacuum is full! When the vacuum bag or canister is full it can not only become stinky but it also doesn’t allow your vacuum to do the job it’s supposed to do because air flow is restricted and new dirt has no where to go. So before you start vacuuming check to make sure it’s empty and remember to empty it out after you are done so dirt isn’t sitting in it becoming even dirtier!

10) Using cleaners on electronics

I told you we’d talk about this later! Cleaners and electronics do not mix. You can damage the electronic or even start a fire! So please refer to rule #1 and do not spray anything onto any electronics. You can use a very little bit of water on a cloth or better yet just use a duster.

I hope you can now clean safely, happily and more effectively, but please tell me, have you been making any of these mistakes? As always, I’d love to hear from you and I ask – are there any mistakes you caught yourself making that aren’t on this list? source:

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Rochester Hills Cleaning Services

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11 Cleaning Myths

Rochester Hills Cleaning Services


Multi-surface cleaners make life easy. They’re a catchall for any surface that needs cleaning. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. While great for minor jobs around the house, there can be a number of factors that play into selecting the best cleaning agent. The type of surface being cleaned, and what exactly is being scrubbed off. Grease caked on a ceramic stove stop, will be very different from grimy buildup on bathroom tile. A multi surface tool might get the job done with a lot of scrubbing, but a specialty product will take far less leg work using less product. Saving you time and money.

The good news, is high quality cleaning products come with instructions! Even though we seem like we’re born knowing how to clean, that isn’t the case. We just took the time to study every cleaning product we use, and what jobs they are best for. It’s why we are professionals. I don’t expect you to sit down and read every label, but a good rule of thumb, is always test the product in a small inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t mess anything up.


Many believe Bleach is the holy grail of cleaning products. While it’s true bleach wipes out everything in it’s path, by and large it’s incredibly unsafe to use. Working with high concentration bleach can burn your eyes, nose and throat, and just diluting it with water won’t stop the toxic chemicals from potentially harming your kids and pets. While effective, Bleach should be a tool of last resort. There’s far safer alternatives that do just as good a job as bleach without the negative implications.


Each cleaning solution has it’s own way of operating. Glass cleaners for example are simple point and spray, and wipe away. They work great for quick clean-up of windows and mirrors. The same method won’t work for grease and grime. Depending on how built up the gunk has become will determine which product you use, how long the product needs to soak, and if any specialty tools will be needed to clean the surface completely. For tough heavy duty jobs, and specialty cleaner might need to sit for 5-7 minutes, then be scrubbed with steel wool, before being wiped away clean.
Learning this takes some trial and error. Over time you’ll develop an intuition for this and know with just a quick glance what the cleanup will require.


Vinegar is a great cleaning solution. It’s the base of many eco-friendly products, and outside of it’s relatively strong odor, it’s an amazing resource. For certain clean up jobs, a speciality cleaner will be required. This goes back to understanding what surface is being cleaned, and how the product will interact with that surface. There’s no catch all cleaner. I wish there was. My job of finding the best cleaning solutions for my teams would be simplified tremendously!


More is not always better. Often times the opposite is true. Understand what surface or fabric is being cleaned. A small amount of a specialty product might work far better than soaking in a mountain of detergent or general cleaning solution. When you use too much cleaning solution, oftentimes you run the risk of leaving a sticky residue behind. This will also cost you money over time in wasted products!
I remember the first time I did laundry, I had no idea how much detergent to use. I assumed I couldn’t go wrong by using too much, so proceeded to use nearly half of a gallon jug of laundry detergent. The laundry machine overflowed with soap and spilled all over our laundry room. I spent the next 3 hours cleaning up soap, and knew to always research before assuming more was better.


The opposite here is true. Keeping your carpets free of dust and dirt, will extend the life of your carpets for years. Vacuuming others the fibers in your carpet to breath. It helps release tangled fibers, and keeps your carpets and rugs looking factory fresh.

Foot traffic, pet stains and spills, and dirt is what wears down carpets. Take a look at your carpets. My guess is you can tell exactly where the main pathways through your home are. These are the areas to tend to on a regular basis. Actively vacuum, and bring in a professional carpet cleaning on an annual basis. The cost of hiring a service to extend the life of your carpets, will far outweigh the cost of replacing your carpets.


The latest movement nationwide is “Go Green”. We see this everywhere from cars, to food. Just like people seek organic produce from their local market, many people want safer alternatives to harsh chemicals. This is great, and supporting the environment is incredibly important. But, don’t assume just because a label says “Green” or “Organic”, that that’s actually the case.

Make a habit of reading the label of every product you buy, and verifying whether what they say is “green”, actually is. Google will be your best friend here. If a certain product contains and number of things you’ve never seen before, search Google for the answer. You can do this right from your phone, and avoid the risk of buying something you don’t want being used around your family.


Cleaning solution manufacturers take advantage of the common misconception that if something smells clean, it actually is. Febreze made an entire industry out of it. A well cleaned home will smell clean regardless of what cleaning product was used. There will be no need to add a facade of cleanliness with an air freshener. Clean homes smell fresh, like to a breath of fresh air when you walk outside on a summer morning.


This myth comes from the idea that mold likes dirty wet places. This is true! Mold and mildew thrive in dirty, damp, and dark conditions. If you dumped a bucket of water on your carpets each day and just let it dry, it would grow a whole ton of mold! What steam cleaning does, is wash away dirt and grime, while maintaining a high temperature that kills any bacteria remaining. It’s like hitting the reset button on your carpets.

A professional carpet cleaner is the go to source for this type of work. General house cleaning companies won’t have the equipment required to do this, but should have recommendations of local companies they can refer to.


Homemade products using blends found online or in magazines, often clean just as well if not better than commercial grade cleaners. These tend to be safer less harsh solutions as well. The same scrutiny involved in selecting a household cleaner from a store, should go into mixing your own proprietary solution. Test a variety of blends to find the best one for your needs. You’ll need a number of different options to tackle the various cleaning jobs around your home. This may save you some money in the long run, but will take some research and effort testing which solution is best.


Windex is easy and for the most part, does an okay job of cleaning glass. But, speak to any window cleaning company, and I guarantee they would never allow windex in their workplace. This is because, it simply doesn’t work as well as other products. Check out some resources online, but the cheapest and best method for cleaning windows is tap water and a dash of dish soap.

You can wash your windows at home using just a few hand towels. Use one towel soaked in your cleaning solution to wash the window. Then use one or two other towels to dry the window. Be sure to dry every spot using a towel, and not leave any to dry on it’s own. Streaks are caused by water left behind. This is why commercial cleaning companies use squeegees. They block any water from being left behind. source:

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Rochester MI Maid Services

Rochester MI Maid Services – Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning (248) 961-2063

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How to Kick Your Clutter Habit and Live in a Clean House Once and For All

Rochester MI Maid ServicesMaybe you’ve got a few boxes lying around, or maybe the camera crew from Hoarders is knocking at your door as you read this. Either way, clutter is bad for the mind and bad for your wallet. But there’s good news: you can get rid of it without driving yourself crazy. Here’s how.

We’re not angling for everything-I-own-fits-in-a-backpack minimalism here: our goal is that, by the end of this post, you’ll have the tools required to donate, gift, or toss out things that do nothing but take up space in your lives. Whether you’ve been forced to downsize or you’re just looking to trim down the physical crap in your life, this post will help you make the tough calls-so you can get back to enjoying the things you love.

Work in Reverse: What Would You Replace If You Lost Everything?

Ask yourself: “If my home burned down and I lost everything, what would I replace as soon as my renter’s insurance check came in?” (You do have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, right?) During my last move, I went from a large apartment in the suburbs to a smaller apartment in the city. I knew I was in for some tough choices, so I needed a way to think about my possessions that went beyond the traditional “keep/toss/donate” method, and this mindset worked wonders. We’ve discussed how making a home inventory can help you declutter, so consider this a blind inventory.

The key is to do this from another location-a coffee shop, a library, somewhere quiet with a laptop where you can really think and make your list. Don’t do this at home though, you need to be somewhere you can’t just look around and make a list. Don’t get caught up in model numbers or specific products-just jot down everything you can remember that you would actually go out and spend money on a second time. If you need help getting started, we’ve covered some apps like Know Your Stuff and StuffSafe (among others) that can help you build your inventory. That’s your base list of things that are both valuable and important to you.

Declutter in Small, Focused Bursts: Make Each Session a Sprint, Not a Marathon

You’re not going to clean up your entire home in a day, or pack your entire apartment in a weekend, so don’t try. It took time to get all that stuff, it’ll take some time to let it all go. Set yourself up for success by making a plan and targeting specific areas you’re going to declutter, clean up, and organize over a prolonged period of time. Then stick to it so you don’t tire yourself out.

For example, consider decluttering one room at a time, in 30 minute bursts. Set aside a few hours on a Saturday afternoon to tackle your home office, then work for 30 minutes, take a half-hour break, then work for another 30. The goal here is to avoid the frustration and high-running emotions that come with deciding to keep, donate, or throw away the things that you own. Set a timer and stick to it, rewarding yourself when you get to natural break points. If you’re a fan of the Pomodoro productivity technique, now’s the time to use it.

Think Of Your Things In Terms of Utility First, and Sentimental Value Second

It’s easy to get attached to things, either because you’ve had them for a long time, they have some special meaning to you, or because they represent the hard work and sweat you put into making the money you used to buy them. That’s completely normal, but when you’re looking to downsize and declutter, you have to try and separate yourself from those feelings a bit. Here’s how:

Ask yourself “What does this item do for me that nothing else does?” Start thinking about the utility of the item you’re looking at. What makes it unique among your possessions? What does it do? Does it do multiple things or is it a unitasker?

Next, ask “Do I have anything else that does this better, or at least does something else as well? This is where you choose between your can opener and the other can opener with a bottle opener on the top. Pick the items that add more value to your life.

Finally, ask “Does this have sentimental meaning to me?” When it comes to appliances, tools, and electronics, it’s easy to ask the first two questions, but if you’re looking at a box of photos, utility doesn’t come to mind. Sentimental value is important in a lot of things, so don’t overlook it, just try not to get bogged down in how an item makes you feel versus what it does for you and how much space it takes.
Apply these three questions to virtually everything you own. If you’re moving, like I was, you have a natural reason to evaluate everything you possess, but if you’re decluttering to clean and organize, make sure to give yourself time to review everything, instead of just deciding that specific drawer or box is fine the way it is. Don’t leave those stones unturned-open up that box and look inside. Even if it seems okay, it’s a box full of old papers to be shredded, you’ll be happier with them gone than taking up space next to your desk.

Use the Four Box Method

The four box method is just a modified version of keep/donate/toss. Instead of three boxes, you’ll make four: Keep, Sell/Donate, Store, and Trash.

Keep are items you need or use regularly, and have space for.

Sell/Donate will go to Goodwill or your favorite charity, or hopefully make you a little money on eBay or Craigslist.

Trash is junk: papers to be shredded, broken things that you know you’ll never repair, you know the deal.
Store is the most ambiguous: these are the boxes of things that you can’t part with that don’t play a role in your daily life. They’re to be stored, but only so much that you have available storage space.
Apartment Therapy calls this space the “Outbox,” or a halfway house between keep and trash. They even have specific rules governing the Outbox. We agree: deciding that you need something or don’t is easy. Parting with it is hard. Give yourself some leeway, just don’t make that leeway your entire house. Photo by z287marc.

Remember, our goal here is to not drive yourself crazy, so you’ll have to walk the line between storing only the things you really want to keep that aren’t useful on a daily basis versus the amount of out-of-sight storage you really have. This isn’t an excuse to get a storage unit either, paid storage units are a huge money sink, and only best for people who have short term storage needs, people who have inventories that make them more money than the storage costs them, and next of kin looking for a place to store family items while they push through the clutter and their loss at the same time. source:

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Rochester MI Cleaning Lady

Rochester MI Cleaning Lady – Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning (248) 961-2063

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10 Household Cleaners To Avoid At All Costs

Rochester MI Cleaning Lady

Nothing like mopping your floors, scrubbing your counters and cleaning your shower with hazardous waste. That’s essentially what you’re doing if you use many name-brand household cleaners to get your home spic-and-span. But you eco-conscious clean freaks probably already knew that.

If you’re concerned about your health and helping the environment, your toxic household cleaners were likely the first to go. And for good reason. The household cleaning industry is largely unregulated and companies aren’t required to include ingredient lists for cleaning products, like they are for food, drugs and personal care products.

Companies take advantage of that lack of regulation to make bogus claims about their cleaning products and to include toxic chemicals in their products without letting consumers know. Hidden behind vague terms or not stated at all, it’s hard to know just how bad these chemical concoctions really are for your health and for the environment.

That’s why the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit research organization known for its personal care product database, has created a new database that includes more than 2,000 household cleaners. The EWG ranked the cleaners based on how hazardous their ingredients are and how much information they include on their labels.

The EWG plans to debut its EWG Cleaners Database in September 2012. In the meantime, the non-profit released a list of cleaners for its Hall of Shame. Take a look at some of the worst offenders the EWG has uncovered—so far.

Simple Green Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner

Perhaps one of the worst because it undeservedly boasts the title “green”, this all-purpose cleaner from Simple Green contains 2-butoxyethanol, a solvent known to damage red blood cells and irritate eyes. Despite its “non-toxic” claims on its labeling, this all-purpose cleaner also contains a secret blend of alcohol ethoxylate surfactants; some chemicals in this family are banned in the European Union.

Even worse, the EWG notes that the company website instructs the user to significantly dilute this product when cleaning. Actually, Simple Green calls it “custom dilute,” as if it’s some fabulous product feature. Yet, the cleaner is packaged in a spray bottle that implies it can be used full strength, which means possible higher exposure to the toxic chemicals in this product. Awful.

Scrubbing Bubbles – Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner & Extend-A-Clean Mega Shower Foamer

Despite its cheery cartoon scrub brush mascot, Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom and shower cleaners should do anything but bring a smile to your eco-loving face. These products contain chemicals banned in the European Union including DEGBE, which can irritate and inflame the lungs. The European Union bans this chemical in household cleaners in concentrations above 3 percent. These products contain up to 10 percent.

EASY-OFF Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner Aerosol Spray

Besides dissolving the gunk in your oven, the chemicals in this cleaner can also burn your skin and eyes. The label says as much. It advises users to avoid eyes, skin, mucous membranes and clothing. On top of that you should also wear long gloves when using it, avoid breathing in the mist, use only with adequate ventilation and do not ingest it. Something so dangerous has no place in the your eco-home.

Target’s Up & Up Cleaners

Unlike food, cosmetics and drugs, ingredient labels are not required for cleaning products. Some companies choose to include their ingredients because of consumer pressure—others do not, including, Target’s Up & Up brand cleaners. This brand’s toilet bowl cleaner and glass and surface wipes list no ingredients whatsoever. Other cleaners in its line of products list only one or two ingredients, or use vague terms. Hiding something, eh?

Lysol Disinfectant Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Lime & Rust Remover

You know many household cleaners on the market pose serious health hazards, but what about death? This toilet bowl cleaner from Lysol even states on the label that it is “harmful or fatal if swallowed”. The label also suggests wearing safety goggles as a bit of this acidic concoction can cause “irreversible damage” to eyes. So not worth a clean toilet.

Ajax, Dynamo and Fab Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergents

How does mixing in a little formaldehyde into your washer full of laundry sound? That’s what you do if you use any of these Phoenix Brands detergents. As a known human carcinogen at its worst, formaldehyde has also been found to cause asthma and allergies. The company only lists this information on the product as a technical disclosure for workers.

Comet Disinfectant Cleanser Powder

One hundred forty-six: that’s the number of chemicals the EWG found in this common household toilet cleaner. Some of the chemicals are known to cause cancer, asthma and reproductive disorders. The most toxic of the chemicals found, including formaldehyde, benzene, chloroform and toluene, are not listed on the label. The EWG states that little is known about the health hazards of most of the hidden chemicals.

Citra-Solv Cleaner & Degreaser

Even though some cleaners contain ingredients derived from plants instead of petroleum, that doesn’t mean they’re safe. Case in point: this cleaner and degreaser is made from d-limonene and orange oils from citrus peels. Sounds innocent, but when sprayed into the air these oils can react with trace levels of ozone air pollution to form ultra-fine particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs.

Clorox, Fantastik, Febreze, Formula 409, Easy-Off, Lysol, Mr. Clean and Spic and Span

Many of these brand name spray cleaners are laced with ingredients that cause asthma, including quaternary ammonium compounds or ethanolamine. These chemicals can trigger asthma attacks and even cause new cases of the disease. These products essentially spray these dangerous chemicals directly into your home’s air.

DampRid Mildew Stain Remover Plus Blocker

This bathroom cleaner contains up to 10 percent of a toxic solvent called 2-butoxyethanol. Canada only allows this chemical’s use in non-aerosol cleaners up to 6 percent. As if that wasn’t enough of a hazardous toxin for one cleaning product, this product also includes nonylphenol ethoxylate, a chemical prohibited in cleaners in the European Union. source:

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Rochester Hills MI Professional House Cleaning

For Rochester Hills MI professional house cleaning, please contact Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning at (248) 961-2063 to schedule a free in-home estimate. You may also click here to learn more about us.

Rochester Hills MI Professional House Cleaning

Rochester Hills MI Professional House Cleaning

5 Benefits of Choosing a Professional House Cleaning Service

Between work, kids, family, and social obligations, cleaning your house can quite literally become a chore. When you decide to hire a professional house cleaning service for your home, you’ll receive excellent service and your home will be cleaned to your standards. Consider these top five benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning service to maintain your home.

1. Cleaning Supplies Are Provided

Your toilet needs scrubbed, but you’re out of cleaner? Not to worry. Professional house cleaners bring their cleaning supplies with them.

2. Professional Service

Professional house cleaners offer you the quality service you deserve. They’re educated on cleaning a home to standards and work fast while double checking they don’t miss a thing. You’ll know when you hire a professional to come into your home, you’ll receive great results and top-notch professional service.

3. Custom Cleaning Plans

Though cleaning packages are available and fit most families, custom cleaning plans can be built to fit your exact needs. If you have hard to clean areas in your home, professional cleaners can work with you to design a plan just for you. Ask the professionals about customizing your house cleaning plan to create a plan that’s right for you.

4. Safety and Peace of Mind

Chances are you don’t allow just anyone to come into your home. With professional cleaning services, you’re working with a bonded and insured company with trusted employees who pass background checks and references. This offers you peace of mind knowing you and your possessions are safe and secure each time a professional cleaner enters your home.

5. A Clean Home!

Let’s not forget the most important benefit: a clean home! Professional cleaners know all the tips and tricks to make your home spotless and germ-free. You’ll love coming home to a clean home after a long day at work. You can rest at ease knowing your home is cleaned to your standards and you’ll have more time to focus on other fun activities.

Professional house cleaning services can cover all of your cleaning needs. They provide green cleaning supplies while offering you excellent service and peace of mind. You’ll feel great about your decision to hire professional house cleaners. source:

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If you are in need of a Rochester MI residential cleaning service, please contact Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning at (248) 961-2063 to schedule a free in-home estimate. You may also click here to learn more about us.

Rochester MI Residential Cleaning

Rochester MI Residential Cleaning

Clutter can disrupt many aspects of your life-not just your daily routine or tidy home.

Here are some surprising benefits of keeping your home neat and clean.

Prevents Infection

When you use disinfectants to clean your home, you get rid of microbes, viruses, fungi and mold that are capable of making you very sick. By disinfecting the toilet, bathrooms, kitchen counter tops, and other areas in your home, you can be protected from these potentially harmful pathogens.

Lowers Stress Levels

It feels good to live in a clean, clutter-free home, but the process of cleaning can also relax you by reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Improves Concentration

A cluttered, messy home can distract even the most focused among us. Without huge stacks of newspapers and laundry strewn all over the floor, and an overflowing wardrobe, research shows you will be able to focus better on the task at hand.

Keeps Allergies under Control

A house that is cleaned frequently will have a reduced amount of dusts and allergens. Allergies are caused by bacteria that irritate your eyes, throat and nose. Dusting and vacuuming your house frequently reduces allergens that cause breathing problems. source:

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