Our Terms and Conditions

Rochester Residential and Commercial Cleaning LLC (‘RRCC’) is an independent, locally owned and operated cleaning company. All of our employees are fully bonded and insured. RRCC carries full liability, workers’ compensation insurance, and pays all payroll taxes.  

Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning Rochester Hills MI

COMMUNICATION: It is very important that you call us if you have questions or concerns about your cleaning services. We take great pride in our work and will make every reasonable effort to provide you with a highly professional cleaning service. Our office number is (248)-961-2063. 

TEAM: We most often work in teams of two. We try to send the same team to your home each week. However, we cannot guarantee this do to illness, scheduling conflicts, vacations, etc. Our main priority is to clean your home consistently, with the quality you expect.  

OFFICE HOURS: Our office is open Monday thru Saturday 6:00 AM-6:00 PM. Normal cleaning hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:15 PM.

HOLIDAYS: We observe New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. When December 24th and December 31st land on a weekday, we close at 12:00 PM. 

ARRIVAL TIME: Our teams clean from 8:30 AM to 4:15 PM when cleaning residential homes. Occasionally they may need to stay past 4:30 PM to finish the job. We cannot quote an exact time for your visit due to the nature of our business and changing schedules. If you need an estimated window of time, you may call the office. 

KEYS: Your home must be accessible to our teams. Most customers provide a key, lockbox, or garage code. Keys given to the office are coded and locked in a separate room and only removed the day of your cleaning. We audit our keys on a daily basis to ensure the security and safety of your home or business.

SECURITY ALARMS: If your home has a security alarm, please ensure that it is turned off on the day of your scheduled cleaning. You may provide us with the code and steps necessary to turn off your alarm. We will reset the alarm when we leave. However, we will not be held responsible for alarms set off by mistake.  

PETS: We LOVE your pets. For their sake and ours we ask that you please limit their indoor activity and/or secure them while we are cleaning. For sanitary and safety reasons our teams are not permitted to clean flea infested homes or pick up animal excrement. That means we will not pick up feces, change cat litter boxes, clean bird cages or fish tanks, etc. We will not clean if our team members feel they are in danger due to your dog or other aggressive animals.

EXTRA SERVICES: We do offer a selection of extra services that are not normally included in a standard maintenance cleaning. This includes changing bed linens, oven cleaning, washing windows, cleaning out the refrigerator, and cleaning the basement. These can be scheduled to be a part of your regular service or as needed, however, they are additional charges. If you would like to add any of these services, please call the office at least a week before your next cleaning for scheduling purposes. In the case of bed linens, the sheets must be left out on the bed.

CLUTTER: We ask that you provide us with a clutter-free environment. This includes picking up clothes and children’s toys off of the floor so we can get to cleaning. If clutter is left behind, our employees will collect and pile it up as neatly possible. There may be extra charges for additional time spent. If a room has an unreasonable amount of pick up that would cause us to go well over our allotted time, that room may be skipped. We do not wash dishes, so if there is a sink full of them, we may have to skip cleaning the sink. In addition, rooms will be skipped if they are not accessible due to a resident sleeping in that room or something of that nature.

EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: We provide all equipment and supplies needed to clean your home, with the exception of a toilet bowl brush in each of your bathrooms. Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and scent free. Our vacuums are hap filtered as well.  This is all for the benefit of our clients, our staff, and our environment. If you would like us to use your own product, please let us know. However, be aware that using your product may void your insurance coverage should we have to file a claim. 

SAFETY: Insurance and safety issues prohibit our teams from moving heavy objects over 35lbs, standing on furniture, or changing lightbulbs. We also prohibit our staff from handling any biohazards, including pet or human fluids, rodent feces, etc. We do have extension poles that help us reach the high, out-of-reach areas when needed. Also, for the comfort and safety of our employees, we ask that you let us know before our team arrives if anyone unexpected such as guests, contract workers, etc. will be in the home at the time of your cleaning. 

QUALITY CONTROL: Our teams are quality inspected by management on a regular basis. Management may enter your home after the team leaves. These inspections ensure our high-quality standards and help us maintain our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all maintenance cleaning appointments. Any service issues must be reported within 24 hours of service. If you feel we have missed an area, we will return to your home to inspect, address, and re-clean the specified area at no additional charge.  

DAMAGES AND BREAKAGE:  Occurrences are rare, but from time to time breakage on-site can happen. Our staff will inform management and leave a note behind when an incident does occur. We are fully bonded and insured, and are happy to walk you through the process of making a claim. When damages are due to negligence on our part, they will be handled by our insurance provider. We do not consider damages that are a result of regular wear and tear over time as negligence. If you have lights, heirlooms, or other sensitive items that you would prefer us not to touch in order to avoid damage, please let us know. Additionally, we do not take responsibility for wall hangings or window coverings. In addition, we will only use RRCC approved products for cleaning your home. If you ask that we use your products, you assume all liability for any damage to your home caused by your products.

RESCHEDULING: The most common reasons we may not complete a clean on your scheduled day are holidays or unsafe weather conditions. If your scheduled cleaning day falls on a holiday, please notify the office if you would like to skip your regular cleaning or arrange for a different day of the week. Should you ever need to reschedule your cleaning, please call us at the office by noon the day before your scheduled service.

PAYMENT POLICY: We require a credit card on file for every client regardless of your payment preferences. Payment can be made via cash, check credit/debit card, Quickpay, or Paypal. Any payment by cash or check is due on the day of each scheduled cleaning. Payment must be left on the kitchen counter in our sealed envelope. If no payment is left for the team, we will send you an invoice by email. Please remit payment within 3 business days. If payment is not received within 30 days, there is a $10 late fee.

Cancelling YOUR SERVICES: It is agreed that this is an at-will relationship, no contract term is applied. Services may be canceled at any time. To avoid cancellation charges, please provide us 7 days notice prior to cancellation. 

CANCELLATION FEE: In the event that you must cancel an upcoming clean, you must let the office know by noon the day before of the scheduled clean for no additional charge. If cancellation notice is given after this time, there is a fee of 25% of your normal service rate. If cancelling the day of service, you will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

LOCKOUT FEE: If the team is unable to enter your home due to customer’s fault (double-bolt locks, animals not contained, or is turned away at the door) half of the full cleaning amount is incurred. This fee is to cover the expense of labor hours for time spent travelling to your home, failing to get in, and then needing to reroute the schedule. 

RETURNED CHECK FEE:  A $35 fee will be incurred for any check returned by the bank.

SUSPENSION OF SERVICE: If any of the above fees have not been paid, your service will be suspended until all fees have been paid in full. If service is suspended and you have not paid in full within 30 days, we will consider you to have terminated service.

COLLECTION FEES: In addition to any amounts owed to RRCC, you agree to be responsible for all reasonable collection and attorney’s fee we incur to bring your account current.

Thank you again for choosing Rochester Residential and Commercial Cleaning LLC.