7 Essential Tips To Get You Motivated To Clean

Cleaning can be a very laborious and time-consuming task. So, it’s no surprise that most homeowners have issues getting motivated to clean. However, finding this motivation doesn’t have to be hard. 

Try these simple tips and finally get cleaning!

Tip #1. Mix cleaning with your other habits

If you do the chores in between other activities, it will be easier to keep your house clean without feeling like you’re investing all your free time into it.

For example, you can wash the dishes after eating, make your bed right after you get up, or sweep before you leave the house in the morning. 

Tip #2. Take breaks between tasks

Taking breaks will allow you to clean for longer without getting sick of it. You can set up an alarm so you clean for 25 minutes and take 5 minutes to rest between chores—you won’t spend all your energy at once!

Tip #3. Give yourself rewards

Having something to look forward to will make the experience more enjoyable. You can get yourself a gift every time you finish a cleaning task, or maybe when you clean a whole room—whatever works best for you!

The reward can be anything you like, from a few nice words to purchasing something you’ve wanted to get.

Tip #4. Use new cleaning products

Include new products in your cleaning routine! If you enjoy trying new things, buy a tool or a cleaning agent you want to try—a great incentive to make your chores more exciting and find your new favorite cleaning product!

Tip #5. Focus on your task, but add a little fun

When you’re cleaning, you need to focus on what you’re doing. So, make sure you turn off your TV or at least don’t put on a show that will capture your attention. Also, set your phone aside for the time being. 

However, since cleaning can become pretty dull, you can play upbeat music or catch up on your book club readings by listening to audiobooks. This way, you can keep cleaning while sharing your focus with something more interesting.

Tip #6. Set a deadline for a clean home

You can set a deadline to have a clean home, but only if you work well under pressure. It could be any date or event you choose, like a dinner party or a visit from your family. This way, you have an extra incentive to finish whatever cleaning task you need to complete.

Just remember that this tip only works if you need the extra pressure; otherwise, it will be counterproductive.

Tip #7. Make it a group activity

If you’re not the only person living in your house, you can enlist the help of the rest of the household to make cleaning easier.

On the other hand, if you live alone or can’t get your family to help you, you can always ask a friend to clean with you in exchange for helping them with their chores!

Extra Tip: Outsource your cleaning chores

If you still feel unmotivated but need to clean your home, a good option is to outsource the housework. There is nothing wrong with letting other people take care of the chores you can’t do, especially if the people handling it are professionals!

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