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Get the latest tips, tricks and hacks from the professional house cleaners at Rochester Residential and Comercial Cleaning in Rochester, MI

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Get the latest cleaning tips, tricks, and hacks from the professionals at Rochester Residential and Commercial Cleaning.

Green Cleaning 101

Green Cleaning 101: Eco-Friendly Tips for a Healthy Home

Discover eco-friendly house cleaning tips to create a healthy home. Learn how to clean without harmful chemicals or toxins. Maintaining a clean and healthy home doesn’t mean sacrificing the well-being of our planet. With a few simple adjustments and mindful practices, you can transform your living space into an eco-friendly haven for you and your…

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Sparkle Up Your Space: Unveiling the Magic of Professional House Cleaners in Rochester Hills, MI

Greetings, residents of Rochester Hills, MI! In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the chore of maintaining a sparkling home can often seem like an elusive dream. But fear not, for we’re about to embark on an enchanting journey into the world of professional house cleaning services. Imagine your living space transformed into…

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deep home cleaning mistakes

Avoid These 3 Deep Home Cleaning Mistakes

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a deeply cleaned home. But are you sure you’re doing it right? Spotless surfaces and fresh fragrances may give us a sense of accomplishment, but the truth is, we might be making some crucial mistakes while attempting this household chore. As experts in house cleaning in Rochester Hills, MI,…

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The Ultimate Transformation: Deep Clean Makeover

We all know that a clean home is a happy home, and sometimes, it takes more than just a quick dusting or a vacuum to achieve that level of cleanliness desired. That is why we are going to delve into the world of deep house cleaning and explore why it’s essential. We will also be…

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House Cleaning Services Washington MI

6 Easy Tips To Keep Dust Away From Your House

Having a dusty home is not healthy for anyone, especially those with allergies. To make things worse, clearing your home from dust is pretty challenging because its particles can be very stubborn.  The good news is that preventing your house from being completely covered in dust is very much possible with the help of the…

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House Cleaning Services Shelby Township MI

How To Ease Your Kid Into Clean Their Room

Teaching your kid to be responsible and clean up their room requires more than just giving them orders. You need to be patient and sympathetic to them, not make them feel like cleaning is a punishment. Are you looking for a way to make this ordeal manageable? Luckily for you, here are four tips to…

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Cleaning Services in Shelby Township MI

6 Quick Cleaning Tasks For Your Spare Time (They Take Minutes!)

Cleaning can become a tall order. However, with these six cleaning tasks, you can still make a dent in your chores in only a few minutes of your day! Don’t have enough time to clean your entire house? Let Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning do it for you! Book here.

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Cleaning Services in Washington MI

How To Easily Clean A Dishwasher (With Vinegar And Baking Soda!)

Maintaining your dishwasher clean is as important as washing your dishes, especially if you use this appliance frequently.  Luckily, cleaning and disinfecting your dishwasher is easily done with the help of vinegar and baking soda. Check out this easy step-by-step method to learn how to do it. Does vinegar damage the dishwasher? There are many…

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Disinfecting Services Rochester Hills MI

6 Debunked Disinfecting Myths That Bacteria Want You To Believe

Regarding disinfecting, it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself twice if you are doing it right; after all, it involves your health. In this infographic, you’ll discover long-believed facts about disinfecting that aren’t actually that truthful. Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning uses EPA-approved chemicals to leave your house spotless (we also are pet-friendly!). Ask for your…

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How To Thoroughly Clean The Inside Of A Microwave (With Vinegar!)

When heating food in a microwave, ending up with a mess is only a matter of time. Luckily, cleaning a microwave is easier than it looks. Here, you’ll learn how to tackle this chore using items you already have in your house. Step #1. Wipe the debris and scrap off stuck-on gunk Before anything else,…

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