Covid-19 Cleaning


The Steps We are Going to Take to Protect Your Family Against the Covid-19

Cleaning your home is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like the new coronavirus or the Flu. We aim to provide excellent service, especially in times such as these when viruses can be overwhelming. WHO and CDC have provided basic protective measures, and we will be following those guidelines. 


Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning office cleaning Rochester Hills MI

What RRCC Is Doing At RRCC, we are monitoring the evolving situation and following the guidelines of the CDC in all of our client homes and workspaces to keep our clients and team members safe, and our clients home’s clean. This includes:

  • Increasing our cleaning protocols. Our employees will be provided disinfecting wipes to use on high-touch surfaces such as light switches, knobs, faucets, and door handles. They will also disinfect their equipment between locations. 
  • Adding more hand sanitizer for employee use in cleaning kits and cars for recurring use. 
  • Creating a distributed workforce. We are now working more and more as solo cleaners. Along with its other benefits, this method reduces the likelihood of social spread among team members in the rare instance that someone is exposed to the virus. 
  • We do not reuse cloths from one house on another. Each cleaner is given adequate clean cloths each day to clean  their assigned homes. These are also color coded so we do not cross contaminate between rooms in your home. In addition, we are training our staff that if they have a temperature, cough, or any other signs of illness to remain at home. We provide them with thermometers and they are required to record their temp before heading to their first job. We are making sure they know that it is our duty to help slow the transmission of Covid-19 and to be extra diligent in assessing their own health. We will continue to provide you with an excellent cleaning service while improving our processes and helping you have peace of mind.
Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning COVID-19 disinfection Rochester Hills MI
Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning COVID-19 disinfection Rochester Hills MI

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