How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances In Three Easy Steps

Stainless steel appliances might be an excellent investment for a kitchen if you want something durable and modern-looking. However, taking care of the shiny finish is crucial to maintain the appliances’ sleek look.

Follow these simple steps to clean your stainless steel appliances and return them to their former glory!

Step 1. Prepare your cleaning solution

If you want to clean your appliances, the first thing to do is find the best cleaning agent. 

You can choose from a wide variety of store-bought cleaners specifically made to clean stainless steel. However, there’s no need to get one of those cleaning agents when you can make your own with things you already have in your home.

All you need is white vinegar, water, and a lemon. Fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar, then add a few drops of lemon juice. That’s it! Simple, right?

Step 2. Wipe the appliance

Now, to actually start cleaning, spray your cleaning solution over the whole surface of your appliance. Then, grab a microfiber cloth and wipe it in the direction of the grain. 

Note: if you’re wondering how to know the direction the grain goes, don’t worry! Finding it is pretty simple: if you’re following the direction of the grain, the cloth will run smoothly; if not, you will find resistance when wiping.

Step 3. Remove stubborn stains

If the surface you’re trying to clean is too dirty and the cleaning solution is not enough, you can use baking soda to remove stubborn stains and stuck-on grime. 

To clean with baking soda, make a paste by mixing it with water and let it rest on the stainless steel for twenty minutes. Then, wipe it away with a damp microfiber cloth—never use rough or metallic sponges; otherwise, the finish from the stainless steel could end up scratched and damaged.

Step 4. Give finishing touches

Once your appliance is clean, you can give it some finishing touches to make it look like it’s just been brought in from the store!

Wipe with soap

Since vinegar is acidic, it could damage the finish if it stays on the stainless steel surface for too long, but cleaning with only soapy water is not as effective in removing grime and stains. However, soapy water does work for removing the acidic residue! So, after wiping the appliance, wipe it again with soapy water and then rinse with a clean cloth dampened with water. 

Polish with olive oil

Lastly, grab a clean cloth and pour some olive oil on it. Then, wipe the stainless steel surface in the grain’s direction to polish it. That’s it! Olive oil will give your appliances a shiny look and leave them streak-free.

Let us help you keep your home at its best!

Your stainless steel appliances are now looking as good as new! However, if they’re not the only things that need cleaning in your home, this is only the first step.

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