How To Rid Your Home Of Cobwebs

Having a spotless house is every homeowner’s dream, but that is hard to fulfill if cobwebs are spotted everywhere. 

Fortunately, owning a squeaky-clean home is possible if you know what to do! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you eliminate cobwebs and leave your home nice and clean. 

Do cobwebs appear out of nowhere?

Here’s one thing you need to know about cobwebs: They don’t actually appear out of nowhere; in fact, they have been there long enough, and you’re just noticing them now! 

These cobwebs are left to gather dust instead of a spider’s meal, and they’re almost impossible to see before they get dirty. So, you need to look out for them and avoid them building up in your home.

How to get rid of cobwebs

Cleaning cobwebs is pretty easy once you know where to look, but reaching them is not so much. That’s why you need to use the proper tools for this task. Here are two methods you can try:

Extendable Duster

Your first option is to use an extendable duster for better reach. This way, you can get to difficult spots where spiders build these pesky webs. Plus, the soft materials of the duster are perfect for catching sticky threads without scratching your surfaces.

However, getting a store-bought duster is not the only option. You can attach a spare microfiber sock to a stick and use that as an improvised tool! The length of the pole will give you a similar reach, and microfiber is a great fabric for cleaning almost anything.

Vacuum cleaner

A more effortless (but pricey) option is getting a long wand attachment for your vacuum cleaner. This attachment is an excellent investment to clean the hard-to-reach places in your home.

Plus, using a wand attachment makes cleaning cobwebs easier since you’ll only have to point at them with the vacuum cleaner and suck them.

How to prevent cobwebs in your home

Are you looking for a more permanent solution? Here are a few things you can do to keep your home cobweb-free for longer.

Keep the spiders away

It might be too obvious to say that getting rid of spiders will reduce the cobwebs in your home, but it’s true! You can do this in two ways:

  • Make spider repellents: Strong smells in repellents will work wonders on keeping spiders away from your home. You don’t even have to get one from a store! Just mix water, a splash of soap, and a couple of crops of tea tree or citrus essential oil inside a spray bottle.
  • Seal the cracks: Stop the spiders from coming uninvited! So, get working on sealing the cracks or small spaces in the windowsills, light fixtures, doors, etc.—cover every possible spot spiders can get through.

Don’t forget to clean often

As mentioned before, cobwebs usually sit for a long time before you notice them. So, frequent cleaning will save you from that! 

Even if you don’t see any cobwebs, clean the high and hidden spots in your home and the corners of the rooms where you would find cobwebs—this way, if there’s a spider web you don’t see, you will clean it before it gets dusty!

Are the cobwebs gone? There’s still plenty to clean!

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