6 Debunked Disinfecting Myths That Bacteria Want You To Believe

Regarding disinfecting, it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself twice if you are doing it right; after all, it involves your health. In this infographic, you’ll discover long-believed facts about disinfecting that aren’t actually that truthful. Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning uses EPA-approved chemicals to leave your house spotless (we also are pet-friendly!). Ask for your […]

6 Essential Oils That Are Essential For Your Household Cleaning Chores

Are you tired of strong-smelling chemicals filling up your home every time you clean? Try using homemade products instead. Here are the best essential oils you can use to clean and leave your home smelling nice. Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning always uses safe, non-toxic products when cleaning your home. Get your quote now.

Products From Your Cleaning Stash You Shouldn’t Mix

Cleaning products like ammonia or bleach are better when used separately from other cleaners. Why? Keep reading to find out. Our fully trained cleaners at Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning will safely and thoroughly clean your place. Get your free quote now!

6 Bad Outcomes Of Not Cleaning Your Home (Avoid Them!)

The thought of cleaning your home less frequently may have been in your head a few times. Although alluring, skipping cleaning has more downsides than you might think. Check out this infographic to learn six consequences of not cleaning your home. Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning is your best option if you are looking for […]