Cleaning Inspiration: 3 Ways To Motivate Yourself to Clean

Nobody likes to kneel on the bathroom floor to scrub behind a dirty toilet.

Cleaning can be a drag, and this is why we at Rochester, are focused on helping you out in whatever way we can.

For all of you who think cleaning is tough, or for those who barely have the time to clean, here are three simple tricks that can inspire you to get on with your cleaning.

Get some inspiration

Before you put on those awkward rubber gloves, you’ll need to hype yourself up, especially if you’re not in the mood to wipe and scrub. Just like a professional athlete who’s about to enter the arena and be greeted by roaring fans, you’ll need energy to do a well-done job.

You can get some inspiration by watching online videos (we recommend watching videos about cleaning), listening to podcasts, or reading a blog… just like this one!

Stick to a schedule

It’s you who should know how often your house should be cleaned. So, for every part of your home, you’ll need a different schedule. For example, when was the last time you scrubbed the garage floor? How often do you need the toilets cleaned? They need cleaning at different times and you’ll need to have a working schedule for this.

We advise you to mark your cleaning schedule in your calendar and make sure to stick to it because it’s definitely worth your time. For extra efficiency, incorporate some expert tips into your cleaning, especially when cleaning more difficult areas such as the kitchen. Once you get used to a routine, you’ll be cleaning more regularly and do a better job at it for sure.

Give yourself a treat

Sometimes the best way to push yourself is to reward yourself after doing the dirty work.

Because cleaning can be a tough job, a punishment some might say, rewarding yourself in the end can help you pull through the laborious work. It might even get you excited everytime you clean! One way to treat yourself is by buying new stuff for cleaning. Get yourself some new brushes, a good pair of gloves, buckets, cleaning bowls, and cleaning solutions.

At Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning, our passion is to ensure the protection of your family as well as our staff. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need more tips or guidelines about sanitizing and disinfecting. Meanwhile, happy cleaning!

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